Five Day Northern Tour Package

Suggested Itinerary Tour Package 1 Five Day Northern Tour Package (all activities and airport transfers - guest pay extra for two dinners at Norseman Restaurant) Price C1250$ per person

Day 1: Pick up at St Anthony airport, boat or bus. Orientation at the Wild berry Adventure Centre Orient in a warm rustic setting with home cooked meal and a NFLD welcome drink typical Screech in at the Lodge.

Day 2: Break fast Enjoy a day tour of St. Anthony and Iceberg alley, visits include to the Grenfell properties, boat tour to see whales, birds and icebergs, whale watching and hiking at Fishing Point. Gourmet dinner at the Norseman restaurant in Líance aux Meadows

Day 3: Breakfast Enjoy a day tour of Líance au Meadows historic sites, St. Brendanís rock drawings and the Quirpon fishing areas. Dinner at the Norseman restaurant or a traditional Newfoundland home (on special request)

Day 4 Breakfast Options day Take a field trip to Red Bay Basques Whaling Site, relax and paint, fish or walk, bird watching. Dinner at the Lodge

Day 5 Breakfast and depart to airport, bus or boat

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