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Seeking Arctic Char
Len Rich
The Coaster

Back in June of 1991 I was in Goose Bay trying to hire some workers for construction of my sport fishing camp on a lake at the head of English River.

That was the year of heavy ice and snow. It was so heavy that ice was still on the lake on June 24 and snow was at tree top level. My equipment and supplies were in Lewisporte and would not trickle in until late July and early August due to sea ice which delayed the shipping schedule.

After four days in the hotel I was getting desperate for a rough carpenter who could handle the work, and that’s when I met Lyndon Hodge. He showed up one morning out of the blue looking for the job, and I hired him on the spot.

I soon learned that Lyndon was a whiz with a saw. Using only a channel iron guide attached to his saw, he built framing for the main lodge while aircraft began bringing in pine boards for the exterior. In less than a month we had constructed four tent platforms and a main lodge complete with wiring and plumbing, showers, and a kitchen. All it needed now was our delayed equipment to become operational.

During the construction period Lyndon and I became good friends as well as co-workers. He told me about a place near St. Anthony he had purchased and was slowly rebuilding, so I tucked that into one of my memory banks and kept it there for future reference.

In July I was touring the Northern Peninsula and thought about Lyndon once again. Just on the off chance that he might still have the place or that someone would know of his whereabouts, I stopped at Wildberry Country Inn located about 20 minutes south of St. Anthony.

I was met by a friendly codger named Bruce, host and cook, who told me that Lyndon indeed still had the place and was now out cutting brush and could be back at any time. He showed me around the place, and I was totally impressed. From the modern bedrooms to the massive dining area, from the fully equipped kitchen to a TV room and library, this was a friendly and comfortable setting.

I was about to leave, in fact just climbing into my truck, when my old friend came bounding down the stairs and caught me. Leaving now was out of the question; we had old times to re-live and needed to catch up on the 16 years in between. I stayed for the night, enjoying the comradeship. It was like we had only said goodbye the day before, and that’s what it is like when good friends meet after a lengthy time apart.

The next morning we sat in the dining room looking out over a wide expanse of open country across from the lodge. Two moose came out of cover and moved slowly across the wide expanse of bog, entertaining us. I went to the front door and grunted a few times to attract their attention, and they looked up as though intrigued by this strange sound, hopefully that of another moose which remained out of their vision. It was fun.

Other than friendship and a fantastic facility, there is one more thing that will entice me back to Wildberry Country Inn in the near future, and that is the char. About a ten minute walk takes you to Parker’s Brook, where Arctic char enter from Pistolet Bay. To my knowledge it is the only area of the island where you can find char. Lyndon knows the river and the pools, and offers his guiding services to guests who wish to pursue this sport. Western Brook is another site nearby, about 1 km away, which contains trout and salmon.

Snowmobile aficionados can investigate the miles of country accessible nearby during the winter months. All in all, Lyndon has an operation that can accommodate just about any type of outdoor adventure you may desire.

You can reach him easily by calling toll free 1(877)623-2018 at Wildberry Country Inn

Lyndon has come a long way from the days of building a lodge with a chainsaw, and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

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